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Mood Eyes

When Karin gets to photograph musicians, Karin is very happy :)

My latest music photo project has been for singer/songwriter/producer/teacher/friend James O'Brien, known as Darling James, and his forthcoming EP Mood Eyes. James and I spent a day in studio to create the above album artwork for the EP, as well as a couple of updated portraits of the fellow:


Now we definitely didn't do it all ourselves. Set design was absolutely nailed by the very talented Zoe Rouse (who doubled as an assistant), and James' gravity defying hair was styled by Harriet O'Donnell. This was shot at Clik Collective in Kensington, my go-to studio these days.

Darling James and his four piece band are heading on an east coast tour in August, so if you like intelligent songwriting, high-key pop and synth-y goodness, check out the tour dates over on his Facebook page or give the band a listen on his Soundcloud if you're stuck on the west coast.

(Seriously though, go see this band if you can.)

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Turtle Jones

I love to photograph musicians. Especially when said musicians are my friends. It’s been about a month since this photo shoot happened, and I’ve been looking forward to sharing these photographs since.

The thing about photographing musicians is, usually they have something in mind. Usually it’s a base concept, idea, or a style, and there’s nothing more fun than collaborating with a fellow creative, brainstorming and building upon an initial concept up to a finished product.

Turtle Jones is the alter ego of Jules Gregory, a very good friend of mine. He’s a super talented musician, MC, producer, and all around nice guy. He came to me wanting some promo shots, and starting with a pretty broad idea we workshopped it down to these moody portraits. I especially love the one with the pirate ship. Thanks for the opportunity to get creative and take some great photos Turtle!

(Click to enlarge)



Well here it is. The end of the year. Seriously, where did 2011 go?

This has been such a great year for me. I've shot more weddings than I've ever done in a summer (and booked several more for next year), established myself on Twitter and LinkedIn, transitioned into a full-time role as the Black Dog Freehouse's poster & ad designer, picked up several other exciting new clients, and tried my hand at interior & real estate photography as a contractor with When I quit my job in September of 2010 and decided to embark on the scary path of entrepreneurship, I never knew my first full year would go this well. Thank you to my clients, friends, family and everyone who's supported this small business in 2011, and I look forward to your continued support in 2012!

Here's a quick recap of some of the things I got up to in these last weeks of 2011:

  • At the end of November I got to shoot the 4th annual Italia with Gusto wine & food festival at the Italian Cultural Centre. You can view the gallery here.
  • For the second year in a row I also got to shoot the Astral Media Christmas Party (and saw Paul Brown's rear end a few more times than I wanted to). It was at the River Cree Casino, which may be my new favourite event venue!
  • I've continued to design eye-catching materials for the Alberta Liberal Party, and there is a rumour that I may be picking up another candidate as a client early next year...
  • Just over a week ago I had the opportunity to photograph my first "giant cheque" presentation, a heart-warming display of goodwill by the ABCRC, Merlin Plastics and students of St. Brendan Elementary to the Rainbow Society of Alberta.
  • Using my new 50mm f/1.4 lens for the first time, I photographed local band Thea vs. Loki at the Black Dog Freehouse's annual Ho Ho Ho Down on December 14. It was a head-swirling combination of low light and colored light, but the new lens performed admirably. Here's a small sampling of the photos I shot that night:



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Monsters Ball


I really intended to write this blog post sooner, but my week has been crazy! Everyone's finally back from summer brain fog and my Realtor clients have been keeping me busy shooting houses before the snow flies. But I digress...

Tomorrow night I will be taking part in a wonderful fundraiser event for Laura's Literacy Campaign. The 2nd annual Monster's Ball Halloween Costume Fashion Show & Auction kicks off at 9:00 at the The Artery on Jasper Ave, and features local music, local art, DJs, dancing, drinks, and of course the fashion show! All proceeds from the fashion show go to Laura's Literacy Campaign, and costumes will be auctioned off live during the show. If you don't have a Halloween costume yet, I suggest you check out this event! Not only will I be "modeling" in the fashion show, but I will also have a set of 6 of my elusive paintings up for sale. (The poster at the top of this post was designed by me also...)

I don't paint a lot. I took a few acrylics classes during my time at the U of A and I really enjoy it, but I find I need to be in a particular mood to really get into it. A lot of my creative energy is expended on photography projects too, so I tend to produce only 1 to 2 paintings a year. Below you can sample a few of my paintings that will be up for sale at the Monster's Ball.

From left, top to bottom:
1939 Cadillac Grill (2006) | Acrylic on Board, 24" x 24"
1957 Imperial (2008) | Acrylic on Board, 24" x 24"
Contracts, Consultants & Cost Engineers II (2004) | Acrylic on Masonite, 8" x 48"
Contracts, Consultants & Cost Engineers I (2004) | Acrylic on Masonite, 8.25" x 40"
The Swimmers (2006) | Acrylic on Masonite, 15" x 21.5"
Jasmine (2011) | Acrylic on Canvas, 16" x 20"