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Seeing Double

Although these photographs were taken in August, I'm just getting around to writing a blog post about this project now! (It was a busy summer...)

Samara is one of my best friends and favourite people to shoot. In November of last year, Samara moved to Winnipeg to pursue her songwriting, acting and stunt performing careers, and I miss her greatly. Her family still lives in Edmonton so she comes to visit whenever she can. I've written many other blog posts about the things we get up to when she is in town; she is such a crazy beautiful talented girl and is so easy to work with, so I often "use" her to practice my skills as a photographer and try new things.

This particular project was intended to accomplish a few things: it was an exercise in direction, for me to improve my ability to give direction and Samara's ability to take direction. It was also a chance for me to practice my Photoshop skills, particularly making convincing composites from multiple images.

We dressed Samara all in white and I had her create interesting poses in my dining room. After, we covered her in blue paint. (We tend to get messy when we get creative!) I had to guide Samara into each pose facing the opposite way, which took a lot of direction on my part and a lot of patience on her part, then Photoshop the two Samaras into one image.

This is my favourite image from the session. You can click on the image below to view a few more from the set on Flickr. They're not perfect, but I still think we both did a great job. And in the end, it was super fun so everybody wins! After all, practice makes perfect, and Samara is my favourite person to practice with.