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Re・Set Massage Therapy

My friend Monika is a pretty incredible woman. In addition to being the driving force behind Cash Mob Edmonton and a community champion for her fundraising efforts with events around the city like Monster's Ball and the Mod Bod Art & Film Show, she is also a small business owner, anatomy nerd and health advocate. It's no surprise that the business she has chosen to build is a mobile massage therapy and flexibility training venture.

Monika and I frequently trade design or photography work for massage therapy, as was the case for the Monster's Ball poster, and this logo for her new company. I am proud to have created a logo for her that was exactly what she was looking for with the few suggestions she gave me.

There is no one I could reccommend more for an invigorating and re-aligning deep tissue massage than Monika. Before each session she takes the time to assess posture, foot position, shoulder position and much more to tailor a custom massage to cure what ails you. This isn't just a back-rub, Monika has the ability to re-align parts of your body that you didn't know were misaligned. She was also an integral part of the healing process after I broke my leg in August of 2010.

Get in touch with her, support a local business and see just how great you can feel!
Send Monika an email at to connect.