graphic design


February was a crazy month full of new experiences and challenges. Lots of exciting things are happening at Karin Locke Creative, so I feel obliged to write an update! I've been busy with several local ad campaigns, including a collaboration with the Black Dog Freehouse and Old Milwaukee, and plans are in the works for a fun shoot with Fuss Cupcakes! You can look forward to blog posts about those projects in the near future.

I've also been busy with a branding project for a local pizza business, marketing collateral for Selkirk Wilderness Skiing, and recently picked up a gig photographing real estate properties in the Edmonton area. Interiors are a whole new thing for me, and I'm learning a lot.

So... although I've been photographing and designing like mad I haven't had time for posting much, but I really want to shamelessly promote Samara Von Rad's next live gig at the Black Dog and share this awesome poster I designed for her. I've decided I'd like to sharpen my illustration skills, so I played around for a bit and drew a cute-slash-hideous zombie cupcake using my Wacom Bamoo tablet. And who doesn't like a neon pink barfing zombie cupcake?