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As much as I enjoy shooting experienced models, I really love doing portrait work for everyday people. It becomes about personality, not the pose, makeup or wardrobe, and I feel that the mark of a great photographer is the ability to get great photographs of anyone.

There is something very satisfying about helping a young woman find her inner model, helping her to realize just how gorgeous she is. It is challenging to make someone relax enough to feel comfortable in front of the camera if they don't have a lot of experience with it, and I am always up for a challenge!

Slava is a friend of Christine. After having so much fun at our shoot and being pleased with the outcome, Christine thought it would be nice to pitch with some friends and get Slava her very own photoshoot for her birthday. Slava decided she wanted something understated but glamorous, and a little romantic; she was gracious enough to let me share a few of the final photographs with you. Enjoy!

(As always, click the image to see the full set on flickr.)