graphic design

Selkirk Wilderness Skiing

No time for blog posts lately! A summer filled with weddings, events, real estate listings, corporate work and a quick vacation to sunny southern Ontario kept me relatively busy, and I feel like I haven't had anything too creative to share with you lately.

Now that it's fall I'm back to being busy designing ads for Selkirk Wilderness Skiing for their upcoming season, a gig I landed through Play It By Ear Productions. I figured I would share a few of the ads I've been working on since it's been keeping me busy lately and it's a job I'm pretty stoked about. There is even a chance I might get out to Meadow Creek BC this winter to work and play - photograph and snowboard - fingers crossed!


Below is a full page ad I designed for Selkirk that was placed in both Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine and Coast Mountain Culture Magazine.


Here is a small sampling of some web display ads I designed for a variety of ski and snowboard culture websites. (Actual sizes not exactly as shown)