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Food Porn

Over the past year I've been getting a bit more into food photography, which has been really cool! As someone who owns a camera, of course I've photographed food before, but this year has seen me take it on for a few clients and really get into the styling aspect of it as well.

First up: Trippy Taco. I love working for Trippy Taco. I've done some sign lettering and graphic design for them over the past couple of years (including the recent redesign of their website), and then Simon asked if I could help get some photographs of their food for social media and general promotion. I went for an overall bright, colourful feel to complement the fresh vegetarian fare that Trippy's serves up. We had a fun shoot in Simon's back yard, and I ate far too much chargrilled tofu that afternoon! 

The next photoset I'd like to share was done for my good friend Marion, whom I've written about on my blog before. She runs a catering business and mobile crêperie called Les Crepes de Marion here in Melbourne, making sweet and savoury authentic Breton crêpes and galettes at parties, markets and school fetes. Everything she does is home made, including her salted caramel, chocolate ganache, and fruit jams, so for her shoot we went with more of a rustic feel: weathered wooden tabletop, soft lighting, and subdued colours.

The most recent bit of food photography I've taken on has been a few sessions for Hammer & Tong, a modern cafe in Fitzroy who do a unique blend of Australian and Asian flavours, and really do it well. They've just released a new spring menu, and it boasts things like Breakfast Ramen and Kangaroo Bao. Every dish is so beautifully presented so it was pretty fun to shoot.

I've been really enjoying experimenting with food photography and I really hope to do a bunch more in the next year. I really love portraiture, but it's always good to go outside of your comfort zone. Once I have built up a larger volume of work, I reckon I'll put a section in my portfolio just for food.