Bolivia Solidarity Tour 2012

One month from today I will be embarking on a life changing trip to South America along with my mother and 13 others from across Canada. We will be traveling with Chalice, an internationally recognized aid and development agency whose work around the world supports over 45,000 children and aging in 15 countries.

The Bolivia Solidarity Tour 2012 will take us to Lima (Peru) and then on to Yapacani, La Paz, Lake Titicaca and Isla del Sol (Bolivia) over the course of 2 weeks (February 17 - March 1, 2012). I will be traveling as the group’s official photographer, but will also be participating in a community building project which will provide new housing, repairs to existing buildings and plumbing for families in Yapacani, Bolivia.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to experience South America for the first time, document it with my camera and also make the lives of people living in impoverished Bolivia just a little bit better. Our group has set some fundraising goals, which brings me to the purpose of this blog post. We want to find sponsors for at least 50 new children and raise at least $15,000 for the building project and others like it. Any little bit helps us to get closer to our goal.

For more information about the trip, building projects and the people we will be helping, please visit this page. From there, you can view a slide show about the families who have asked for assistance, donate money to the cause, and find out more about sponsoring a child through Chalice. I’ll also mention here that although Chalice operates with a strong Catholic focus, the purpose of this trip (for me) is humanitarian, not religious.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Anything you can do to help the cause, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated by myself and our sponsor families in Bolivia.