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Etmanski Wedding

I've never really thought of myself as a wedding photographer, but this summer is throwing a lot of them at me. Maybe it's the universe (and not just my grandma) telling me that since I got engaged in September of 2010 and haven't made any plans for an actual wedding yet, it's about time? Regardless... I'm really starting to enjoy shooting weddings!

Back in March I was asked by my best friend's dad Andy if I would photograph his wedding in July. They didn't want coverage of the whole wedding, just some family "formal" style portraits and a few shots of the bride & groom alone. I was honored and also slightly nervous - I only had an hour to photograph them, and in my experience it usually takes a bit longer than that to do formals! This would also be my first wedding with a slightly older bride & groom than I'm used to, so I crossed my fingers and hoped my style would please them.

The day ended up being rainy & windy - but that's supposed to be good luck right? We had planned for a backup location inside the Union Bank hotel, so the family portraits went off without a hitch, and I managed to get some cute shots of Andy & Donna outside under an umbrella - some of my favourites from the day! I won't be posting an online album of their family portraits, so here are two quick snapshots of the lovely bride and groom on their special day. Enjoy!