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Jacquie for The Aquarium

It's been a while since I've done any fashion/editorial style work, and I was craving it this month. I've been shooting a lot of corporate events and keeping busy with my Awkward Portraits side project, neither of which are really all that blog-worthy (I've written about Awkward Portraits a few times in the past). But the other week I was feeling like I needed a change of pace, so I contacted my friend Leah at The Aquarium Vintage & Costume in Northcote to see if she had any items that she needed photographed for her online store. Leah hooks me up with all sorts of awesome clothing for Awkward Portraits, and even hosted us in May for a day of Awkward "Pet-raits," so I felt like giving back.

Leah told me she was looking for something "colourful and fun" so I grabbed a bag of some cute 80s apparel off her and headed home. My friend Jacquie agreed to be my model for the day, so I slapped on my 50mm and we went for a wander. Here are some of the colourful and fun snaps captured that day.