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Lil' Freddie

When most people think of baby photography, they picture Anne Geddes babies dressed up as cabbages or sleeping precariously in teacups or flower pots. As someone who doesn't photograph babies too frequently, I tend to approach the subject in the same way as I would photograph an adult. It's still portraiture - on a smaller scale, and requiring a bit more patience - but portraiture happens to be what I love to do.

Last week I got to photograph a friend's adorable 3-month-old baby, Freddie. He was such a chill little thing, and didn't seem to mind a stranger tickling him and pushing a big camera in his face for two hours. We tried to get him to sleep for a few shots, but he was just too excited by all of the attention. 

Here are a few snaps of the handsome fellow, just hanging out in mum's fuzzy woolen scarf.

I'm looking forward to more of my friends having adorable babies so I can photograph them too.

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