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I am a very fortunate person.

I have an amazing network of photographers in Edmonton that I can also call friends. Sure, we are each others' direct competition, but instead of being catty and jealous we choose to get along, hang out, assist each other, lend equipment, and most importantly learn from each other. When I tell photographers from other cities about this special group I like to call my "photo nerds," they are beside themselves. They can't believe the camraderie that exists between us. It's pretty awesome.

Since we are all usually behind the camera, we decided to get together to shoot each other. Everyone was to bring an idea to the table involving lighting. We wanted to create portraits that capture ourselves as photographers, and push our limits. Of course, we goofed around and there were many hilarious moments.

I wanted to challenge myself and try something I'd never really done before - pointing strobes directly into the camera and playing around with lens flare. It's definitely an overused technique, but since I had never really attempted it I figured I'd give it a try. You know, don't knock it 'til you try it. We were very fortunate to be able to shoot on location at Studio-e, with the generous knowledge of Mr. E himself (and of course all of his fancy equipment). I got to try a lens mounted Profoto ringflash - it blew my mind and blinded my subjects, and was definitely the highlight of the day!

Click the image below to view all of my favourites from the day via flickr.