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The other weekend, my friend Jessica and I decided to go on a random road trip to Calgary to see my sister Donna. With my leg being injured for so long, I was craving any sort of adventure, and we knew the snow would arrive soon. We got to meet Donna's new room mates, a really awesome Australian couple in Canada on two year work visas.

When Charles found out that I'm a photographer, he begged me to take some photos of him as his Halloween costume: Wolverine from X-Men. He had gone all out, researching the character, working out to build muscle, and growing out his sideburns. Seriously, I was pretty impressed by the sideburns.

On Sunday afternoon, we wandered over to a nearby abandoned house and took some pictures, just for fun. Charles really got into character and did a great job as Wolverine. Since posting these on facebook, I've actually had requests for more superheroes, and I think I've found a willing Wonder Woman!

Click the image for more Wolverine photos.