Europe 2012

I'm at it again.

I've officially got the travel bug. After spending most of February in South America, I couldn't wait to plan my next adventure. When a group of friends mentioned that they were headed to Austria this June I had to get on board. Tomorrow I leave Edmonton for Paris, France to begin yet another adventure through Europe!

Over the next two weeks I'll be visiting Paris (France), Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic) and Berlin (Germany) with a few stops in between. I'll be traveling with a fellow photographer and great friend of mine, and we've decided to challenge each other - neither one of us is bringing a digital camera. We're both going to shoot nothing but film (and the occasional iPhone party pic) to force ourselves to be selective and use our brains! It's fitting, because last time I was in Europe (Greece in 2006) I was fresh out of University and didn't even own a digital camera yet, and I had a blast with my 1969 Yashica.

This time around I'll be traveling with my Yashica again, as well as a Canonet Q17 and my Lomography Fisheye toy camera (just for fun). I can't wait to see what develops... Literally!

See you all at the end of June!